Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Cat and Kaboodle

Decided the kittens needed to not be in the garage as they are now hiding and you can't get to them to bring them out, so I now have all six in my room and they spent their first night. ARGH! They're adorable, but they are manic LOL Not to mention, my allergies are going haywire. And mama cat keeps wanting in and out of the room. At 5am, she leapt on my bedside table and started whacking at the doorknob to try and get me to comply with her wish to leave. Couldn't let her run all over the house since our other cats and hers have issues, so had to get her back in the garage. Now she's on the portable table next to me that I use for the work I bring home. Speaking of which, I have payroll to do this weekend. I have brought work home every day this week. So I need to finish payroll, I need to put away all the stuff from the trip, clean, do laundry and figure out my finances. The fun never ends! Nin and I are hoping to squeeze in a second viewing of IM II Sunday night, so I have that to look forward to.
Tags: furballs, it's the job

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