Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Lewis Update

Or 'the things we do for our furballs'.

He went back to the vet for tests and was there over night. The verdict: nothing physically wrong with him and his constant wetting over everything is behavioral. Our choices, limited. We can't go on like this. I discovered he'd been wetting against my new mattress/box spring, in addition to all the other places. Hate the idea of making him an outdoor cat around here, but maybe we could find him a home as a barn cat out in the country, I don't know. So after hundreds of dollars in vet bills, from getting him fixed, to having the surgery done he needed, to this last visit, he's been a very expensive stray. So there was much angst yesterday on what to do. Finally we decided on a middle measure, something I'd suggested a few years back that I could never get my mum to go along with, but this time, my brother was backing me, so then it was a good idea. Basically, I'd had the idea that the downstairs/family room area be turned into a place for our piddling inclined kitties, while the non piddling cats stay upstairs. We'd put a nice screen door, the kind with the windows, at the bottom of the stairwell, to separate the groups. We were going to do the downstairs floor as a stained cement one anyways, and the carpet's getting torn off, since it's disgusting, and the furniture down there is old. So Lewis, we can keep an eye on for a few more months and see if the situation improves, and if not, more time to try and come up with alternatives. So keep your fingers crossed t6hat this works.
Tags: furballs
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