Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Not To Scare Anyone ,But....

A few mornings ago, we were listening to the entertainment report on the morning radio show, and the DJ was talking about how a remake of Karate Kid is coming out, along with a Three Stooges remake. So that got me and ninjababe talking about remakes in general. And then it occurred to me: what if Darth Lucas decided to remake Star Wars?!?!? After all, it has been decades, and he's always messing with the originals, and generally making a lot of his fans tear their hair out crazy. It would be so him to do a total remake of his own movies. And he'd probably cast the Jonas Brothers as the male leads, and Paris Hilton as Leia, and Chewbacca would be replaced by Jar Jar. I joke, well, only a little really. Or he'd do away with actors entirely and make it all CGI AND 3D - after all, I recall an interview from many years ago where that was basically his dream, of being able to make movies without people in them. This could be his time.

The thought has haunted me ever since. And now, I share it with you! Aren't I a sweetheart?
Tags: star wars, you don't say?
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