Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

I Had It In My Hands

I had the IM II novel in my hands yesterday! And, I put it back. [sighs] I did read one random page, but I put it down after that.

Just discovered that if you have a premium Megaupload account, you can watch files on their site, like YouTube, you don't have to download it. Might be handy.

Mum and Glenn both work today, so no holiday plans. Nin and I do need to go to Walmart to get a supply of cheap linens for kitten cave lining. We've gone through our supply of old towels/sheets at this point. Oh, and speaking of kittens, the third female stray we have hanging around is pregnant [sigh] We're going to call the vet and see if she knows of anyone willing to foster her. We already have two mamas and ten kittens to try and find homes for, and more...? Gah!

We're still watching Deadwood and, at this point, have become somewhat inured to the constant profanity. So besides that, we're really enjoying it. Maybe we'll watch some more today, though we still haven't watched the new Sherlock Holmes DVD yet, so maybe we'll do that instead/as well. There was a life-size display for the DVD at the BuyMore when we there yesterday. God, they're so cute! Yes, I'm shallow, sue me.
Tags: deadwood, furballs, iron man, sherlock holmes, tv stuff

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