Ith (ithildyn) wrote,


As I've mentioned before, Mr. Bengal Kitty aka the father of the two sets of kittens, is very wild. I was pretty sure he'd had a home once since I'll see him watching me through the glass of my French doors in the evenings. But I've been patient. I talk to him, even when he's yards away, whenever I see him, and talk to him through the window. First, he stopped running away when he saw me see him, then he would say put if there was a door between us. I was pretty happy with that. Well, last night, he was watching me through the glass again, and I brought him some food. He didn't go too far this time. Hoping against hope, I sat the food down and he came towards it, even with me there. He started to eat, and deciding to take a chance, I reached out and petted the top of his head... and he let me!!! I am very happy with the progress I've made. Hopefully, he'll get to the point where I can get him to the vet to be fixed.
Tags: furballs
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