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Hate It

I hate DST. Why can't we just keep the time the way it is all year? [grumble] [hiss] boo] Yes, ,y annual 'spring forward' bitch LOL

Thanks to pat_t I remembered I needed new luggage. The wheel on my suitcase was crushed on the Phoenix trip last year. Lord, I would have been unhappy if I'd gone to pack for San Antonio having forgotten about it. Pulling a one wheeled suitcase across an airport ain't no fun! Found a nice Samsonite spinner on clearance at a place online, so ordered it yesterday.

Musing about Jack Sparrow, but I think that needs its own post.

I wrote a few sentences of West last night, but as I was getting started, Nin was done with her game for the day and we switched on the TV. Maybe I can get my chores done earlier today and get started. Maybe.

So maybe this will inspire me: Ask me a question about one of my stories and/or characters. It can be absolutely anything and I will tell you the honest-to-god answer. Don’t hold back. Ask about my plans for future parts of a current series if you want to, but keep in mind that I may not have anything firm/definite in the works. Anything. Whatever you ask, I will try my best to answer. (cheerfully pillaged from hils)
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