Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Oh, yeah

Forgot I hadn't really eaten anything today.... on my third glass of wine. Oh well.

Wrote something like three sentences. Go me!

Wish I could actually write the, err... adult stories I mentally write. That would be nifty.

I am a video game widow. Nin is besotted with Final Fantasy whatever number it is and has deserted me [pout]

Did much laundry and cleaning today.

It's supposed to snow tonight, and by Wednesday, it will be in the high seventies.

The bulbs bro planted for me are starting to boom! Soon, I will have irises, which I love muchly.

Looking at shoes at Zappos for the summer. Have a list now, just need to decide.

Speaking of summer, will need to get some more 100+ clothes for working type environment. When there's snow on the ground, it's hard to remember how hellishly hot it is here.
Tags: random

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