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I forgot to tell y'all about the kittens. We've been feeding the strays around here, and there's lots of them, and eventually hope to try and catch, fix, and release, to avoid another feral cat colony appearing. So you know about Lewis, but now there's Sage. She was very afraid of us, but would come up for food, and she was obviously pregnant. Well, over the weeks, she got braver, then got to the point where she was the most loving cat ever, even putting her feet up on the windows looking in and trying to come in the front door. We didn't want her to have her kittens and have them become feral and thereby breeding litter upon litter. So we put her in the garage, and the vet said she'd give us a discount for the strays we're wanting to get fixed. Sage went to the vet today, and she's due any day and best guess is 4-5 kittens. Vet says she's had a previous litter (how do they know that?) and is between 2-3 years old. So... kittens!! We think we have homes lined up for at least two, and the vet said she'd try and help us place some as well.

We are now officially a halfway house for pregnant kittehs.
Tags: furballs
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