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Just watched most of the closing ceremony - I say 'mostly' because the rest won't be on till the late show - and well....

1: I loved the opening, but the closing gave me bad flashbacks to the Up With People show I was forced to see when I was a Girl Guide. If you don't know what I'm talking about, consider yourself lucky.

2: The maple leaf creatures are going to breed with the giant Russian radioactive hamsters and take over the Earth - you have been warned!

3: I love Mounties, I do! My great grandfather was, like Sergeant Preston, a member of the Northwest Mounted Police (a precursor to the RCMP)), but the Rockette Mounties, and then the dancing ones with giant inflatable beavers??!?!

4: I heard reports that Neal Young dissed Jay Leno and said people shouldn't watch him. Oddly enough, this did not air on NBC [cough] Did that really happen?

5: Now the Olympics are over, maybe my drifting Canadian accent will go away.

6: Isn't B.C. beautiful? I can't wait to take Nin there some day and show her my other home.
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