Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

The Things I'll Watch

No, not curling, though that's all my mum seems to have watched for two weeks. The Winter games are her favourite for the curling, which she used to do competitively back in her youth. And then there's hockey. Both my parents and my brother are huge fans - I appear to missed that particular Canadian gene. That being said, I will watch the hockey final and root on the USA, just so there's some balance in my house LOL.

In other news, I'll be posting part eleven of West today. And I think I may be lazy and not post it to All the comms I normally do. Since I don't usually do my comm posting till a day later lately due to time constraints, I notice I get zero comments added after the initial posting on my LJ. So honestly, I'm not sure anyone actually reads the story via any of the comms - you're all here already. And it's a lot of time to waste if it serves no purpose. Maybe I'll do comm posts every other part?

Tuesday, I'm going to Ogden for a work meeting [sigh] I'll be gone most of the week, but am taking the netbook so hope to get some LJ time in the evenings.
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