Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Can't Wait...

till Lewis gets fixed on Monday. He's stinky and he's spraying all over the house [sighs] And yet, he's still adorable. I swear, he's the most loving and friendly kitty I think I've ever had. And he's crushing on Sparrow and follows her around and mews and stares at her. Making her nuts!

I thought the opening ceremonies of the Olympics was really well done. My absolute favourite part was the segment with the Cape Breton music/dancing. But it would be. Awesome!

So I finished part ten of West last night. My new wrting thing seems to be 'write 2/3s of a part in one sitting, then wait 6 weeks to finish with the few hundred words needed'. No idea why that's happening, but it is. Not a trend I'm fond of, but I suppose it's better than not writing at all. Just waiting for Casey to beta, then I'll post it.

Need to do major cleaning in my room today. Bleah.
Tags: furballs, random

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