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What's Going On?

Lord, I wish I could really feel fannish again. Translate that into chatting about fannish things, and most of all, writing. Well, one day....

So, here's a fannish thing. I think it was hils, another new Psych fan like me, who was wondering why no one shipped Lassiter and Juliette. And it got me thinking, and now when I watch new eps, I keep seeing it!! And I'm not a shippy person! [glares] Have I mentioned how much I love Psych!?! We actually have it record in priority over Leverage on the DVR! Now that's love. Nin and I have decided we're a toned down version of Sean and Gus as far as best friends and 'kindred spirits' - she's Sean, I'm Gus. Seriously, if you know us, you're nodding LOL

Chocolate bunny has disappeared :( We haven't seen him in over a week, and I'm afraid an unkind fate has befallen him as well.

We have, what I've decided is a Kestrel (after poring over many bird pics), that hangs around here for the bird feeder buffet. Two weekends ago, I was tossing some bread out for the birds and it swooped not three feet in front of me, thinking the hunk o' bread was a bird. I'm not sure who was more startled - him, or me!

Work is still incredibly stressful.

We're waaaay behind on TV. Stuff is piling up. And Olympics! We love the winter ones. And there's 24, and AI, Chuck, White Collar!! Oh, Burn Notice! Not to mention the three eps I'm behind on Friday Night Lights, which I adore. And we still haven't seen the last 6 Merlins.

One of the highlights of the Dland trip was hitting the Bevmo in Chino Hills on the way home. OMG! A real liquor store. Was heavenly. I got STRONGBOW! And my brother had never been in one before.

Yes, this is a ramble. What did you expect?

Lewis is getting snip snipped tomorrow. Vet says he's nearly two, and boy, he has been putting the 'Tom' into Tom cat the last week.

We don't get Presidents' Day off at work [sigh] We get a 'personal day' instead because the majority of the Utah employees want Pioneer Day off in June. It's a big deal here. Don't know what I'll use my personal day for. Maybe a long weekend in the long dry spell between Labour Day and Thanksgiving?

The End!
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